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Origins of the surname Goodbrand.

Being a Norwegian it was inevitable to avoid the associations to the great valley in mid-Norway named Gudbrandsdalen (Gudbrand valley). Gudbrand or Gulbrand are also common first names in Norway, and Gulbrandsen a very common surname. However I doubt if there is any connection to Scotland. It was by the way in this Gudbrand valley Scottish mercenary troops were slaughtered by Norwegian peasants in the Battle of Kringen on August 26, 1612.*

* The Kalmar war (1611 - 13) was an internal Scandinavian affair. The Swedish king – fighting against Norway - had asked for mercenary troops from Scotland. They landed on the west coast of Norway. One division made their way through Norway into Sweden, but the other division, under the command of Lt-Col Alexander Ramsey met heavy resistance from the local peasants in Gudbrandsdalen. All but 18 of an army of 350 were slaughtered at Kringen. Ramsey was sent to prison in Copenhagen. The most famous of the Scots however was Captain George Sinclair, who fell in the battle. The surviving Scots were integrated into the local peasant population.

A brief summary transcript of search results on the surname Goodbrand (based on the world's largest database in Salt Lake City) conjures up the following information:

From some of the many early records researchers examined such documents as the Inquisitio, 1120 AD, the Black Book of the Exchequer, the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, the Ragman Rolls, the Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, and various cartularies of parishes in Scotland. From these archives they produced the early records of the Goodbrand name in Aberdeenshire, where they were anciently seated, some say, as early as the 12th century.
The spelling of the surname Goodbrand was found in many different forms. Although your name Goodbrand occurred in many references, from time to time the surname was spelt Goodbrand, Goodbrang, Goodbran, Goodbairn, Gweebran, Goodbarn, and some of these versions are still used today. These changes in spelling frequently occurred even between father and son. Scribes and church people frequently selected their own version of what they thought the spelling should be.

The family name Goodbrand emerged as a Scottish Clan or family in this territory. More specifically they developed in their original territories of Aberdeen where they were anciently seated at Boigtown and at Keith in Banffshire. The latter is a village north west of Huntly which has a hotel and distillery. John Goodbrand was a cooper for the distillery in 1721. James Goodbrand lived in Boigtown in 1716. This sept was strongly attached to the Gordon Clan and joined the Huntly Volunteers. They appeared on the side of the Jacobites during the uprisings of 1715 at Sheriffmuir and 1745 at Culloden. There are also a number of Goodbrands in Cullen, in Banffshire. This popular fishing resort has an eight mile run of Cullen Water, and falls into Cullen Bay, and Cullen House is the seat of the Earls of Seafield. To the south in Edinburgh the name also took on the appearance of just Brand. Notable amongst the Clan at this time was Goodbrand of Aberdeen.