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The parents of David

David's parents were James Galt and Margaret McIntosh. They were married in Portknockie on the 3rd of July 1824 (OPR, Cullen). Their firstborn - James - was born on the 26th of October that same year. It seems James died at a very young age. Their next son was therefore also named James. He was born on the 3rd of August 1826. All together they raised 6 children - the sons James, John (1829), Joseph (1832), George (1834) and David (1836). Thus my Great Grandfather was the youngest of the brothers. Their only girl - Margaret - was born on the 20th of May 1839. When David was 47 years old his father James died from general debility at the age of 89 - on the 24th of January 1883 in Portknockie. His eldest son - James (now living in Lossiemouth) was present when he died. Thus James Galt must have been born in the year 1794. All his life he worked as a fisherman and line fitter.

Two years later David's mother Margaret died from general debility at the age of 80 - on the 1st of April 1885 in Portknockie. Informant was her son-in-law Alexander Mair (signed with an X and the name "Thorin" after the name of his boat).

David's Grandparents.

The parents of James Galt were James Galt and Margaret Mair. They married in 1792. The parents of Margaret McIntosh were John McIntosh and Margaret Wilson.

David's Great Grandparents.

David's Great Grandparents - on his grandfather's side – were James Galt and Margaret Mair. They were married in 1759.

David's Great Great Grandparents.

John Galt married Helen Bruce in 1739 at Portknockie.